Skeyndor’s success story began more than 50 years ago in 1966, when visionaries Juan Morcillo and Publio Puente, both Doctors and teachers at the Terrassa School of Engineering, had a dream and decided to put their scientific and technical knowledge at the service of the beauty industry.

Since then it has come a long way to become the leading-edge brand in professional skincare which we are today. The vocation and passion for science have remained part of Skeyndor’s DNA, forming the basis for our range of highly innovative and effective cosmetic products and solutions designed for the most discerning customers.


Skeyndor’s brand values are born of our essence, of our experience in cosmetics, and of a broad capacity to constantly adapt to the changing needs of our sector, of the professionals and of the customers.

Passion for science and innovation has been in our DNA since our origins. Achieving scientifically endorsed results in your skin is our raison d’être. We are committed to the beautician, and together we take on the most demanding of challenges to achieve the transformation of science into visible beauty in your skin.

With the BEAUTICIAN, we are so much more

Being pioneers in professional cosmetics would not be possible without the beauticians. Together, since our origins, we learn day by day and we make solutions of high value for our customers possible.

Our concept of the future already exists at the Skeyndor Academy, the brand which distinguishes our commitment to training. For this reason we have our own centres specialised in integral training for the professional: new technologies in professional skincare, research novelties, new products and innovative treatments, consultancy for your business. All this in an inspiring, state-of-the-art setting.


An essential Skeyndor value is our team of qualified scientists and their wide knowledge of women’s skin.

At our R&D centre, we develop, test, compare, research over again… This is our way of understanding the world of cosmetics. With rigour and passion for Science, we create Beauty.

SKEYNDOR around the world

Skeyndor is an international leader thanks to scientific rigour and to our extraordinary results in professional skincare.

Science creates Beauty is Skeyndor’s concept of beauty, already present in more than 60 countries.




Skeyndor is a company committed to sustainability and good for the planet. That is why we have defined a strategy for the next 10 years and adapt our platform for the good of the ecosystem