Wrinkle Inhibiting Concentrate


Wrinkle Inhibiting Concentrate is the new intensive anti-wrinkle ampoule. It contains three powerful decontracters in synergy which will make your skin shine with a smoother and more wrinkle-free appearance thanks to its faster and longer-lasting anti-wrinkles action. If your skin has wrinkles and expression lines, this is your best option as maintenance for, or a cosmetic alternative to, interventions with botulinum toxin. Try it, you will love it!

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Ingredients GABA, “Botulin-effect” peptide, “Snake venom-effect” peptide
How To Use Use 1 ampoule a day for 7 days for visible results, use 1 ampoule for 28 days for optimal results. After 28 days discontinue use for at least 1 month to give skin a rest.
Who Can Use Skin with wrinkles and expression lines
UPC Code 20471493
What's It For A treatment product to boost your existing skin care routine.