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THE AUTHENTIC PROGRESSIVE ACTION ANTI-AGEING ELIXIR, THE LUXURY ELIXIR. The exclusive, intensive, progressive action and multigenic treatment based on the perfect fusion of three cell rejuvenation strategies. Aimed at recovering optimum skin energy levels and counteracting the damaging effects of daily stress. A luxury 30-day anti-ageing cure, distributed over 3 progressive action phases for application day and night. Three unique experiences with textures and fragrances that will awaken your sensations. Phase 1. Cell genesis activators. Phase 2. Cell quality perfectors. Phase 3. Cell functionality boosters. With more than 20 powerful active agents, including growth factors, tephrosia purpurea extract and damask rose and wild olive stem cells to revitalise the skin from the inside and achieve a luxury anti-ageing result.

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Ingredients 30M Damask rose stem cells (+100%) 5 FC (+100%) Wild olive tree stem cells (initial dose, +)White truffle (+50%) Teprenone, Proteoglycans (+50%) Kombucha tea, Vitamins C and B3 and E
How To Use Use as directed, step 1 for 10 days morning and night repeat with step 2 and 3
Who Can Use Aging/Mature Skin
UPC Code 40521308
What's It For Cellular genesis activators, redensifies, revitalises, firms, brightens and rejuvenating serum for all skin types