Timeless Prodigy Eye Patch


Native collagen mesh structured in 3D, impregnated with a solution rich in high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Ideal for softening wrinkles and re-firming the delicate skin of the eye contours. Included in THE GLOBAL EYE RITUAL, the progressive action of an ultra antiageing ritual to treat the delicate area around the eyes. Ideal for combating global ageing, softening wrinkles, re-firming the eye contour and reducing eye bags and dark circles.

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Ingredients Native collagen (>60%) Hyaluronic acid (high molecular weight)
How To Use Place eye patched under eye contour and leave for 20 min
Who Can Use Aging/Mature Skin
UPC Code 40552600
What's It For Softens wrinkles and lines around the eye contour